Children’s Church

We are focused on mobilizing and training our children in a Godly way to become disciples of impeccable character. Our children’s church instills the word of God in a fun and loving environment, using song and games to educate our children about the power of the Lord in our lives

Psalm 145:4 – “Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power”

The Discipleship Centre has 4 Children’s Church Groups:


 6-8 years olds

 9-11 years olds


Teens Church

Our teen church is a special place for teens to worship and study God’s word. It is a joyous forum where we teach our teens how to make the right choices in life and discover their God-given purpose. The church also helps members to forge friendships and have fun by participating in a range of activities.

Teens Church Aims:

 Raise teenagers with the knowledge & fear of God.

 Raise teenagers of impeccable character.

 Prepare teenagers for the challenges of adulthood.

 Sowing biblical principles in their minds

Team Building Class Activities:

 Teens Car Wash

 Teens Kitchen

 Teens Choir.

 Teens Theater

 Teens Camping/Day out

For further information, please contact the church office or e-mail: